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Inspirational speaker, advocate for those with disabilities, boymom, wife, dental hygienist and associate executive director at Monat .

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My name is Chelsea and I was born 30+ years ago. 

I am happily married to an amazing man who puts up with the crazy me. I am a BOYmom of 3 and expecting baby #4 in May. 

 I am deaf! Yes you read that right. I’m not from Germany like I tell people when they ask about my accent (although it’s pretty funny seeing their facial expressions). I wasn’t born deaf, I lost my hearing at the age around 18 months from a fall down a flight of stairs. My parents gave up trying to find out the main cause and just realized it’s what the lord had in plans for me!

I grew up in the public school system and excelled in sports and academics. Thanks to my amazing family and teachers and friends! I seriously wouldn’t be who I am without them!!

So wife, mama… and I’m a dental hygienist! Yes I love cleaning dirty teeth and trying to help you improve your oral health (even though you don’t want to listen to me). 

I’m also a shampoo rep! I love helping people have a healthy head of hair so if you need help- I’m you’re girl! I always love proving people wrong and being a successful deaf mama!!!

Have a blessed day 

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"Chelsea is a one of a kind woman. As someone who has a hearing impairment to take a microphone and take to the stage that puts things into perspective for you. It's empowering to hear her humorous and very relatable stories that have a lesson in each word."

Adina Kroll, Business Coach, Author 

"I don't have many deaf people in my life, but Chelsea is one of them. I was fortunate enough to meet her at an event in London and boy can this woman work the room. She had everyone in fits of laughter with her vibrant personality and ability to communicate her message so loud and clear. She is an example that barriers are all in our own head and are as big as we decide they are. I caught up with her after she spoke at the event and she was equally amazing company off stage as well as on stage. If you are seeking an inspirational woman to speak at your event, Chelsea is perfect."

Denise Mortimer, Business Coach, Speaker, Author

"Chelsea is truly an incredible woman. She is always positive, happy and lights up the room with her infectious energy wherever she goes. I had the pleasure of hosting Chelsea at our event in London as a guest of honour and within seconds she warmed up with the audience from stage and made them laugh out loud with her effortless presence. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is passionate about inspiring others to live beyond limits. "

Raimonda Jankunaite, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker

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My Story

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